Good Corian Countertops In Variety Colours And Models

Aug 18th

Corian countertops, its comes in a variety of colours and models. When designing fixtures with Corian, the cost varies depending on whether the furniture is straight, such as the professionally-designed one in this image, or if it has curves, special design features or unusual widths. Even so, the price of the material is in the average-high range, but is more reasonable if we opt for standard sizes, for example, by choosing worktops with 60 cm width.

Use Corian Countertops
Use Corian Countertops

While its cost is the main handicap of this material, if you consider that its warranty is 10 years, it is worth the investment. The maintenance of furniture constructed from this material is minimal since it is not porous and resists stains as they do not penetrate the surface, making it easy to clean. Due to this advantage, and the absence of joints, corian countertops surfaces are great for minimal cleaning and for hindering the growth of germs.

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These characteristics also make this material ideal for sterile environments, such as operating theatres. Therefore, you can use corian countertops in your bathroom orĀ  kitchen for total peace of mind, but bear in mind the point mentioned earlier that it cannot withstand very high temperatures without suffering damage.