Different of Deck Vs Patio

Jun 6th

Deck vs patio – Deck and patio ideas not only provide an attractive sitting space. But artistic and architectural accents to your home exterior. The only difference between a deck and a courtyard is that a deck usually sits above the ground while a patio usually sits even with the ground. In addition, the living area can consist of almost any material, shape, pattern or design. Many houses boast terraces or tires or both. While some people use the words interchangeably, there are significant differences between the two areas commonly use for informal lounging

Wonderful Deck vs Patio
Wonderful Deck vs Patio

Definition of deck vs patio, patio defined as an area that is often paved, adjacent to a house and used for lounging. The word comes from a Latin word meaning meadow. A deck defined as an open, uncovered porch extending from a building. The word, interestingly, comes from a middle eastern English word which means to cover.

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Different of deck vs patio, patios most often made of brick, stone, tile or concrete. Deck, on the other hand, most often made of wood or synthetic replacement for wood. Patios usually range from the ground floor of a building while the deck is most often elevate, sometimes stretches from the second floor or higher. Although there are differences in materials and height, tires and terraces have a lot in common.